Australian Journal of Human Rights – special edition

Selected papers from the Symposium have been published in a special edition of the Australian Journal of Human Rights:

Australian Journal of Human Rights 19(1)
Special Issue:

Human Rights in Context: Culture, Power and Personhood

Neil Maclean and Gaynor Macdonald  (University of Sydney)
Full text: Human Rights in Context: Culture, Power and Personhood


Samuel Martinez  (University of Connecticut)
An anthropologist among human rights experts in Haiti and the Dominican Republic: para-ethnographic perspectives on culture and rights

Maree Pardy  (University of Melbourne)
Under Western eyes again? Rights vernacular and the gender culture ‘clash’

Rosemary Wiss  (University of Sydney)
And justice for all? International anti-trafficking agendas and local consequences in a Phillipines sex tourism town

Michael Humphrey  (University of Sydney)
Where does human rights consciousness come from? Counterinsurgency, traumatisation and political subjectivity in Argentina

Gaynor Macdonald  (University of Sydney)
Who is the ‘human’ in ‘human rights’?

Neil Maclean  (University of Sydney)
Living with disability: care, rights and relational personhood

Eve Vincent  (University of Sydney)
‘Sticking up for the land’: Aboriginality, mining and the lived effects of native title

Jayson S Lamchek  (Australian National University)
Exercising rights into existence: new human rights strategies by Third World peoples




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