List of abstracts out now!

While we are still polishing the actual programme, we do not want to deny you the list of upcoming abstracts.

for more info on the speakers and abstract pdfs, click on the ABSTRACTS tab on the top of the page.

A whole list will be available here shortly.

John Boulton

Growing up our way or your way. Reconciling tradition with Kartiya way for children in remote Aboriginal communities.

Belinda Burbidge

Traditional Owners and Custodians: rights and relationships to land in central west New South Wales.

Kate Conigrave

Aboriginal Australians tackling alcohol: why both culture and epidemiology matter

Surya Dhungel

Dilemma of Culture and Rights in Post-conflict Societies

Luis Angosto Ferrandez

Towards a Culture of Materialism in Human Rights: Arguments For Socialising Environments and Their Relation to Human Diversities

Erin Fitz-Henry

How Far, and Where, Do ‘Rights’ Get Us?

Sascha Fuller

Behind the Seeds: USAID, Monsanto, Farmers’ Rights and Seed Sovereignty Contestations in Nepal.

Victoria Grieves

Jim Crow in the Modern Australian State: Lynching, Aboriginal Deaths in Custody and Other Race Hate Crimes Against Aboriginal people Within Settler Colonial Society

Sarah Holcombe

Negotiating conflicting pathways within the state

Michael Humphrey

Where Does Human Rights Consciousness Come From? Counterinsurgency, Traumatisation and Political Subjectivity in Argentina

Jayson S. Lamchek

Third World approaches to Culture and Human Rights: The Use and Non-use of Human Rights Vocabulary in Indigenous Peoples’ and undocumented Migrants’ Struggles

Vek Lewis

The Risks of Misrecognition: Transnational LGBT Rights Discourses and Activisms in the Context of Latin American Struggles

Chris Lyttleton

Human capital and its (self-) appreciation: risk and the unruly speculator in China-Thai borderlands.

Gaynor Macdonald

Human beings, persons and rights

Casimir MacGregor

Human Rights? The Embryo, Trans-Biology and Law in the Australian Human Embryonic Stem Cell and Cloning Debate.

Neil Maclean

Humanity, Rights and Relational Understandings of Personhood.

Mythily Meher

Occasional persons

Maree Pardy

Under western eyes. Again?

Eleanor Rimoldi

Who owns human rights?

Claudia Tazreiter

Emotional states: human emotions and the governing state in debates on rights and shared vulnerability

Victoria M. Time

Forced marriages, bride price, levirate:  Pox on Culture

Eve Vincent

‘The land is the land. The land is not negotiable.’ Opposition to mining on the Far West Coast of South Australia

Irene Watson

What makes human, inhuman, animal, and beast?

Elizabeth Watt

The Cape York Welfare Reform Trial as a case study of the implementation of the Capabilities Approach to Development: A ‘culturally- sensitive’ alternative?

Rosemary Wiss

International Anti-Trafficking Agendas and Local Consequences in a Philippines sex tourism community


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